Migraine Girl

The Girl Behind The Migraine

disciple, wifey, mommy-wannabe, dawter, sister, fwend.

girl with a big heart and a loud mouth (sometimes), can be brutally frank on many occasions, but can be embarrassingly sweet though.

a woman with a zest for life. likes to laugh. likes to eat. likes to spend quality time with people close to her heart. likes to find the good in the bad. likes to see the silver lining in every dark cloud. ordinary. but definitely not boring…

one big bomb wrapped in a small package. *wink, wink


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Migraine Girl

... because i suffer bouts of migraine on many occasions which makes life a bit more interesting and frustrating at the same time. ... and more importantly, because I am married to Migraine Boy, ang pinakagwapong nilalang sa balat ng saging, este, lupa pala, hehehee...
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