Migraine Girl

Why Migraine Girl?

Posted on: October 1, 2008

Warren loves Migraine Boy. He gets a kick out of it.  And I just don’t get it, but who the hecklers cares? So I call him Migraine Boy, therefore, as his wife, I am Migraine Girl. I think its a lot better than Usavich or Winnie the Pooh, no?

And, to add a cherry on top of that, I do suffer from regular bouts of migraine, too. So, therefore, this is where I will make kwento the things that make me sick with migraine. This is basically an online journal of the everyday things that happen to me, as a girl, as a wife, as a mom-wannabe, as an overweight but still sexy (naks!) lady who loves the normal things girls love – her husband, getting her nails done, trips to the salon, fashion what nots, food, coffee, a good laugh and so on. I am a Christian, too, if that means anything to anyone who would happen to come across this blog, and I am a living testimony that Christian women are anything but boring. We, too, have our “lukring” moments, and we like to laugh a lot and we love to kick our shoes up in the air, too and give out a good, loud guffaw… Basta funny, why not?

Life is beautiful sabi nga ng movie na napanood ko years ago, but there are also times when you want to give it one good kick in the arse… But then again, that’s what gives it a punch, ain’t it?

So ayan, I now officially give birth to Migraine Girl, the blog. 🙂


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Migraine Girl

... because i suffer bouts of migraine on many occasions which makes life a bit more interesting and frustrating at the same time. ... and more importantly, because I am married to Migraine Boy, ang pinakagwapong nilalang sa balat ng saging, este, lupa pala, hehehee...
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